Saturday, August 18, 2007

Old people have no future

United Future
Old people have no future - at least, no future as participants in the forums at United Future's new website. You see, you have to login to post a comment, and to register you have to provide your date of birth... and the possible birth years only go back as far as 1940. So, if you're 69 you can't Have Your Say or comment on Peter's Position.

There's some irony in this, given that "the aim of United Future's seniors policy is to continue the full involvement of people 65+ in society."

Never mind. I'm sure that this is just one of those teething problems that always come with new websites. But, hey, if you're not too old now would be a great time to register, seeing as how reading and agreeing to the Terms of Use commits you to nothing.


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At 11:44 pm, Blogger Wombaticus said...

"In recent news, shock election winner and new Prime Minister of New Zealand, Peter Dunne, has released his latest anti-terrorism bill.

The bill, dubiously titled 'Placeholder', has drawn fierce criticism from all corners of the political spectrum.

An exclusive investigation has revealed that the 49-page document consists solely of the phrase "Copy here" repeated over eight-thousand times. Dunne has refused to comment as of yet, but has reportedly been seen with a wry smile on his face, wringing his hands together in glee."


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